David Bowie Tarot: Revival

From July 2013 to January 2014, I worked on the 22 cards that eventually formed the David Bowie Tarot deck. They were released to the public and eventually produced in a very limited press. Only nine decks were printed, of which one remained in my private collection. The tarot deck found its way into social media and was once featured in a university magazine in the USA.

Now, due to demand, the tarot deck will be revived into a second press.

There will also be a resurrection of the project, giving birth to ‘David Bowie Tarot: Revival’.  Each card will be revised and edited if needed (imagery will not be changed, only improved.) There will be a new addition to the deck as well. Expanding the original cards with all suits, bringing the 22 piece set to a new amount of 78 stunning cards. Every card will be printed on high quality playing card paper, with rounded edges and customized packaging to keep your cards safe and clean.

If you are interested in obtaining the limited edition deck ‘David Bowie Tarot: Revival’ , please follow this link. Here you will be well informed of the Revival and you can leave your information to obtain the expanded deck of cards.

If you have questions about the Revival deck, you can contact me through the e-mail given above.
To subscribe to the 78 card deck (purchase will be available as the first four suit cards are made) please follow this link and leave your information!

Estimated completion date of the revival deck will be late 2018.


Below you can find the original trump deck. Not (yet) revised or edited.

Here’s an example of what the David Bowie Tarot: Revival will look like, compared to the old deck.